Meditations for the Chakra System

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Meditationer för ChakrasystemetTime for me and Christina Grossi to join together for our third project: Guided meditations for the chakra system!

When Christina heard that I was working on an album with music for the chakra system she told me that she was working on a series of guided meditations for the chakra system! Coincidence? What better to do that to join and work together? Christina’s voice guides you through the activation and healing of you chakras, together with my music. Note that the guided meditations are in Swedish!

These seven tracks are available at Christina’s webpage as a package. She writes this about the meditations:

The knowledge about the chakras are several thousand years old. They are talked about in the Rig-Vedas 1550 BCE. According to Hindu and Buddhist teachings the seven chakras are energy centres in our bodies.

They look like spinning wheels, vibrating with different frequencies depending what chakra you are tuned into, and act as a link between the universal life energy and the individual in traditional Chinese medicine.

The chakras has two main functions. One is to bring in the energies from the etheric field surrounding us–our aura. The second function is to distribute this energy throughout our bodies.

1. The Base chakra (security, safety)
2. The Sacral chakra (trust, joy)
3. The Solar Plexus chakra (confidence, self esteem)
4. The Heart chakra (love, empathy)
5. The Throat chakra (communication, speaking up for on self)
6. The Third Eye chakra (intuition, clairvoyance)
7. The Crown chakra (divine awareness)

Total time: 1 hour 42 minutes

And my own album will be available on Spotify, iTunes, and all other streaming sites shortly. combines all music from the guided meditations as well as an eighth track–connecting all seven chakras to one unit, working together through the Kundalini force.