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A new guided meditation from Christina Grossi and me!

Christina’s comments about it:

The Merkaba is one of the most powerful kinds of meditations available right now. It was the most holy and secret teaching taught in the mystery schools of ancient Egypt and Greece. The power of the Merkaba exists in all shapes and can be found in the Golden Ratio. It is the basics of all pyramid shapes and all other geometrical shapes.

When we learn to activate and spin our own Merkaba from our hearts, we build a bridge from our higher and lower selves and that helps us to rise our spiritual vibrations. (The word Merkaba is made from three syllables. Mer means light, Ka means spirit, and Ba means body.)

Dan and I have made an guided meditation to help you travel in you own Merkaba.

Through the Merkaba, light is flowing down through your DNA, activating the codes that are stored in our consciousness. This will help you to fulfil your calling.

You will also be given an opportunity to meet St. Germain and the Galactic Federation.


This meditiation is 19 minutes and 43 seconds long.

You can purchase it from her web page. These guided meditations are in Swedish.

It will be a part of our upcoming album Meditation for Awakening.