Album number seven is about returning to Atlantis.

The music tells a story about an intense longing back to Atlantis and the journey there, a journey with the best transportation means in the universe, the Merkaba.

We touch down and walk along the shores and let our souls fill up with the gentle and amazing power of Seroyum el Ein, the symbol of the Atlantean clan Miiel.

Let’s continue up to the mainland and the Crystal Library of knowledge, from where we can look towards the horizon–over the green rolling hills under the wide blue sky. Blue and green are the colours of Miiel, the colours of heaven and earth.

The last stop is at Atlantis most holy temple, Elsefore.


1. Back to Atlantis
2. Merkaba
3. The Shores of Home
4. Seroyum el Ein
5. The Crystal Library
6. Of Earth and Sky
7. Elsefore

Total playtime 57:55


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