CD-omslag, Beyond the Horizon
Photography by Dan Bussqvist, 2002

During the time I wrote the music for this album, my mother past over to the other side. The title track, Beyond the Horizon, was used as the introductory music at her funeral.

The album is very much about loss, the feeling of being an outsider and being separated from life, about letting go and moving on… Sometimes I feel that it’s easier to sit down and just give up, but that’s really not an option! It’s OK to take a little break sometimes, as long as you get back up and go on once you caught your breath. There is nothing that separates us from the rest of the world and the universe except our own choice to be separated! We can’t really lose anything as we are everything. There’s only Unity!

What we fear most is not darkness and evil. Instead we’re horrified by the realization of our own responsibility and the fact that we really are divine and radiant beings, and that everything in the Universe actually is one. The only way out of fear is through love!


1. Miiel’s Song
2. Beyond the Horizon
3. Guardians of the Sea
4. Sister Moon
5. When the Rain Falls
6. Orion

Total playtime 57:32


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