Grafik: Dan Bussqvist 2016

My sixth album will help you to activate your chakras, from the red root chakra up to the violet crown chakra, and to connect them all through the kundalini energy.

The music for the chakras is based on each chakra’s own frequency and the music connects with the previous one.

The root chakra’s base note is B flat. The sacral chakra is tuned to E flat. The solar plexus to F sharp, the heart to C, the throat to G, the third eye to D and finally the crown chakra has A as its base note.

The eigth and final track runs through all of these base notes and connects them to one unit.

All tracks are tuned to middle A=432 Hz.


1. Grounding (The Root Chakra)
2. Emotions (The Sacral Chakra)
3. Confidence (The Solar Plexus Chakra)
4. Love (The Heart Chakra)
5. Expression (The Throat Chakra)
6. Intuition (The Third Eye Chakra)
7. Divine Light (The Crown Chakra)
8. Harmony (The Kundalini Connection)

Total speltid 78:13


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