CD-omslag, Lost Memories
Graphics by Dan Bussqvist, 2001

The inspiration to Lost Memories came from a lot of dreams about Atlantis. I also went through a few regressions where I experienced one particular life that ended with the cataclysmic sinking of the Atlantean continent.

A long time ago, the world was hit by a devastating disaster.

The land where we all lived sank in the seas. Some survived and managed to get to other continents. Most perished in the waves, the volcanic eruptions and the earthquakes.

What caused this disaster? Well, greed, jealousy and fear. Some people felt the desire to control others, and they would do anything to get that power—even if that meant abandoning the path of love.

A few tried to save the world and those who lived in it by giving of their love and healing. They were too few to succeed…

Over the following millennia, through life after life, they have tried to restore what was lost and was destroyed, but they have failed every time. They failed because the time was not yet ripe. They failed because humanity had not learned its lesson. They failed because they did not walk in harmony with Mother Earth and Father Sky.

Even today we are still living in the aftermath of this major disaster. But the time of those following The One’s True Law draws near. And this time, the time is right! Now mankind finally starts to realize what we are doing to the world and all life around us, and more people than in a very long time are trying to live there lives according to the Cosmic Law. This time we will not fail!”


1. Atlantis
2. Lost Memories
3. Father Sky
4. Gaia
5. Morning Mist
6. Soaring

Total playtime: 54:12


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