CD-omslag, Music for Meditation
Photography by Dan Bussqvist, 2004

Music for Meditation was the last album I made in the 2000s.

It is about freeing the essence of the soul from our physical body, to quiet the chatter of our thoughts allowing us to gather our focus into a single dazzling point. This point is the centre in all of us, the point where our divinity is a single unit of the ultimate divine. At this point nothing at all exists and all time is only right now. This point is also everything that exist, all of eternity and even the time before and after eternity.

Life is, however, at least for most of us, not meant to be lived ”outside” reality and it is not our goal to escape into constant meditation. Life is about learning to live in both worlds at the same time! To realize that we need not choose sides, Spiritual or Earthly, because there is actually no duality, only Oneness.


1. What was and What will Be
2. Dreams of Yesterday
3. Journey of the Mind
4. At the end of the Rainbow
5. Journey to the Heavens

Total playtime 59:02


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