Photography by Dan Bussqvist, 2014

After 12 years of silence, the fifth album finally arrived!

During these years quite a lot have happened, both for good and bad, as well as many major changes. This album is some sort of gateway between the old and the new.

Of the six pieces on the album, four are from the album I was going to release in 2005, but never made it and two are entirely new. All the ”old” songs have been rather heavily reworked though. Some have new or redesigned melodies, some have had new parts added or have been refurnished in other ways and a lot of the old sounds has been replaced with new ones.

Pictures In My Mind is a blend between the old and the new, a story about getting back to the roots but at the same time let new things grow. New people, new names, and new ideas have replaced the old ones. Some have disappeared forever. Some are still there and will always remain. Some are brand new.

Yesterday has passed behind me, the future is waiting, just around the bend…



1. Pictures In My Mind
2. I Dreamt of Water
3. The Inner Eye
4. Woodland
5. Lucid Dreaming
6. Towards the Future…

Total playtime 56:42


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