CD-omslag, Sounds of the Sunset
Photography by Vera Krassman, 2001

My third album, Sounds of the Sunset, is inspired by our beautiful countryside.

A walk through the green woods and meadows, and down to a lake where the sun glitters on the water, and the sound of the waves against the shore sends you off to a different kind of consciousness–where you might see and experience a lot more than you thought possible. Time shows its true self and ceases to exist. The present moment contains everything, even what we humans call the past and the future.

Later, when the evening slowly falls and the sun finally disappears behind the horizon, painting the sky in bright red and crimson, colours that sing out with dazzling tones and caress you like a magic waltz.


1. Starborn
2. In a Moment of Bliss
3. Forest Green
4. Fairies and Butterflies
5. Evening by the Lake
6. Sounds of the Sunset

Total playtime 57:26


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