CD-omslag: The Seven Directions
Photo: Karin Danielsson, 2018
Graphics: Dan Bussqvist, 2018

This is my eight album and I got the inspiration to the music from the Circle of Life and the Seven Directions. My friend Karin from Storuman, in the north of Sweden, took the beautiful photo.

To invoke the Seven Directions is a way to include the entire Universe in one’s life, a way of bringing back unity and harmony to us and everything around us.

Those most famous for revering and making the Seven Directions a part of their spirituality are probably the north American indigenous people. But many others, around the world, have used similar systems and ways of connecting with the deities.

The Seven Directions

The spiritual path I myself is following, the Seven Directions iof the Circle of Life represents this:

The first direction is East, where the Sun rises in the morning. East is air and the winds, thoughts and philosophy, fantasy and imagination, and stands for spring and a time to sow. Without sowing, there will be no harvest. And our thoughts and our imagination are the seeds we sow.

The second direction is south, where the sun reaches the highest point in the sky. South is fire and warmth, summer and activity and represents the way we transform our thoughts into action. This is where things start to grow and where love show us the way.

West is the third direction, where the sun sets. It is represented by water and emotions, autumn and harvest. How do we react on our crops? Did the things we sowed in the spring become what we wanted or do we need to change anything? The clear water of the west cleanses our spirits after a long hard day’s work.

North is the fourth direction, and represents earth – the soil we walk upon, the physical things. This is winter and rest, but also the time to physically enjoy the things we’ve accomplished during the year. This is where we contemplate and enjoy life, until spring arrives again.

Direction number five is downwards, the female, the passive, the night, and the dark – simply put our Mother Earth. Without Her care we wouldn’t have anywhere to grow, without Her shade and moisture, we would perish by the hot flames from the Sun.

The sixth direction is upwards, our Father Sky. The male, the active, the day and the light. This is the energy that gives us power to grow and to expand. Without His sunlight, we would perish in the cold and damp darkness of the earth.

Finally, the last direction is the centre of the world, the point the entire Universe is revolving around. That point is you. And me. That’s the place where we all are, where our own lives are happening, right here and now. This direction is the only time and space that really exist. This is the only time and space that have existed in the past or will exist in the future.


1. On the Wings of Imagination
2. The Power of Love
3. Soulcleansing
4. Touching the Ground
5. Peaceful Nights
6. The First Rays of the Sun
7. Joyful Silence

Total playtime 64:44


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