The Akasha Library

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Christina Grossi and I have been working together again. She’s written a series of six guided meditations and asked me to compose the music.

The first one, called The Akasha Library, is available today and you can purchase it from her web page. These guided meditations are in Swedish.

This is what she has to say about it:

The Akasha Library lets you return to your previous lives to work with your higher self in healing things that are still influencing you today.

Dan Bussqvist and I have made a series of guided meditations together to aid your awakening. The Akasha represents space and the aether. It is a cosmic library consisting of all thoughts ever thought, all things ever said and all lives ever lived.


The music from some of these guided meditations together with some other new songs will find the way to the usual streaming sites as a brand new album in a month or two…