Dan Bussqvist
Photography by Joachim Nywall, 2015

My name is Dan Bussqvist, from Trollhättan, Sweden.

I’m a musician, a healer, and I also compose and channel relaxation and meditation music. I have created various music from all genres for over thirty years, and have worked with spiritual development and Reiki for almost twenty years. I try to fill my music with magic, healing and love from the Universe.

The first four albums were released in the early 2000’s. In 2005 my daughter was born, and she became more important than making music.

In late 2015, I decided that I should return to composing once more. So, my head’s filled to the brim with new music, with several compositions that will be presented in the future!

Besides having released a number of albums under my own name, some of my songs have also been used as background music for guided meditations by several of Sweden’s most famous mediums and spiritual life coaches, among others Pehr Trollsveden and Kristina Wargmåne. My latest collaboration is with Christina Grossi.